Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 17

Little man is learning about nutrition in school. They're challenge for the week was to try new foods. So far, he has tried purple peppers, and raspberry oatmeal.  He didn't care for the pepper (cooked or raw), but he was all about the oatmeal! He even asked for a second bowl. Victory! At school, they tried different types of apples from a local orchard, and got their nutrition bingo cards for the month. This is a new concept to me, as he was in a different state for school last year, and I did attend school here, but we didn't have fun stuff like this when we were kids. Then again 2/3 of the people in town are obese, so this could be why... Anyway, they get to mark off a space for doing exercise activities, or eating the healthy foods on the board. This could be fun!  
Trying the raspberry oatmeal. Yay monkey brains :)
Lunch today was pb and j on late July crackers. Carrots with smokey tomato vinaigrette, applesauce, and celery with pb on it. And a package of surf sweets fruity hearts that came in our conscious box this month. 

Outfit for the day was a striped v neck, khaki shorts, and mismatched socks. 

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