Saturday, August 31, 2013

4th day of school

Little man had a rough day today at school, and I had a rough day at work. His lunch today (or what didn't get dropped on the floor anyway) was a pb&j Sammie, pistachios, crackers, chocolate soy milk, applesauce, and a pomegranate pucker yummy earth organic lollipop.
Little man wore his zombie shirt today. Dinner was tofu helper, zucchini fries (he hates zucchini, but I can now get him to eat it in bread, cookie or fry form), and a small salad with baby greens, cukes and red beans. 


  1. Well done! My poor kid eats PB&J a LOT - makes me feel like a slacker even though she usually asks for it. She wants to take chickpea salad this year though, and that's awesome - she had it 2/5 days last week!

  2. We went through a seitan pepperoni phase last year. I swear that was all he ate for almost the first month.