Friday, October 19, 2012

VeganMofo Day 19/Day 43

Sunflower butter and raspberry preserves on tortilla, pringles multi grain chips, and yogurt with granola

Angry birds shirt, and jeans. Got the hood up because it is cold!

He jacked my curry noodle soup!

Sadness, I ordered Isa noodles, and they brought me tofu and pork :/
It was another long day. After school, we were going to go wash obscene amounts of laundry, and decided to swing by Crystal Jade (amazing and very vegan friendly) for their 4th anniversary celebration (a meal for $8.88, hell yeah! Cheaper than us going through taco bell and eatting in a laundromat). It was crazy busy (great for them, perhaps not so much for ordering vegan food while they were getting slammed). They give you a TON of food if you dine in, and we usually have left overs for a few days. Really, that much food. We decided to finally try the Isa noodles which were strongly suggested by Aunt Shirley (the owner who may be the sweetest woman I've ever met, she will come sit down and talk to you and show the little ones how to make roses from daikons, and she brought the little man a special fried banana dessert for bringing her a grand total of 10 new customers. She is a gem.) strongly suggested them to us last time, and she hasn't done us wrong before, so that coupled with the fact that their named after a vegan culinary goddess sounded like a good plan. The waitress we had initially was new-ish and apparantly is not familiar with all of the dishes, and I was brough someone elses food. I, having never ordered the Isa noodles before, thought maybe they had an analogue of some sort in them (as far as I know, they only have tofu and mock duck, which is amazing as well, but I digress) and upon closer inspection of this weird looking tan stuff snuggled up with my tofu, realized it was probably pork, thankfully, it never touched my mouth, but took about 20 minutes (because of the being so busy) to be able to flag down the waitress and let her know that my Isa noodles surely did not have pork in them. She appologized profusely, and had them whip up a fresh batch. We continued noshing on our curry noodle soup (I had to order a second bowl, because Mr. Picky, who doesn't like curry noodle soup wanted to try a bite, and then half the bowl was gone), vegan egg rolls, and vegan curry puffs. When the food finally came it was delicious! It's slightly sweet, slightly spicy, and savory, with crispy fried tofu, and slurpable (is that a word) noodles. Little man also met his future wife. There was a little girl who was flirting with him the whole time he was eatting his appetizers and waiting for the meal, and Aunt Shirley was taking pictures of all the guests to celebrate their anniversary. She asked to take a pic of the little love birds together. It was adorable!! When they were walking out, he tried to propose to her but they were already heading out the door. Then he tells me that when he gets older, if he remembers her face, he's going to try to marry her. Thanks to the magic of face book, that may be an option. Lol.

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