Wednesday, October 3, 2012

VeganMofo Day 3/30th Day of School

I woke up around 6:45 to an amazing sunrise this morning, and fumbled to grab my phone to take a picture, then dropped said phone, and lost the battery, put in contacts, found the battery, turned on the phone, and by then, the sun was up. I guess sunrises are like good chocolate, and meant to be kept to yourself? Lol. Instead of sulking over a missed photo op, I decided to bake. Baking as soon as I get up always makes for a good day. I made Tennessee Corn Pone muffins from Vegan Lunch Box. As shown in the pic above. I used chili beans seasoned with a little bit of sazon (if anyone can find organic sazon, I would love you forever, because I hate the additives in Goya's, but can't find anything else, and sometimes, I think it's ok to be bad, although I would rather it be organic based sodium indulgence, but I digress, back to the lunch...) Little man's lunch consists of The Tennessee Corn Pone muffins, apple rings (he had been learning about apples for the past month, then there was Rosh Hashanah (as in dip the apples in the agave, yeah we totally changed the lyrics to The Fountainheads song  "Dip Your Apple"), and then Johnny Appleseed's birthday was last week (did you know that he was veggie?) so little man had to do a (well not for school, I made him do it because of the time off, and him getting in trouble for doodling instead of hand writing, he was grounded from playing with his grandma's IPad for 2 weeks, Friday was the first exception, and he was allowed to watch youtube videos about him, and wrote a mini report.) So he found out that if you slice an apple in half horizontally, it's seeds make a star, and he was fascinated by this, and wanted an apple sliced that way, so he got rings today with a little bit of Sunbutter, and 2 Oreos for dessert (couldn't find the newman's o's last week at the store, sad indeed), with a chocolate Silk almond milk to drink. Picture below is little man finishing up his OJ that they were passing out this morning with bananas and donuts (he had a banana and OJ, as he had already had a strawberry GoodBelly, and blueberry waffles at home) for national walk to school day. It seemed ironic to me that they would pass out donuts to celebrate getting off your ass and walking, but then again it was the same school who was calling (thanks to the USDA guidelines) yogurt made with Kosher gelatin (as in made from fish) and regular gelatin (as in twice as blech) vegetarian on their lunch menu :/ *sigh* 30 days in and hasn't eatten school lunch once yet this year :) We're gonna make some cookies tonight, so I may be updating again later... Today's outfit was DKNY yellow New York shirt, Ruff Hewn slim fit carpenter jeans, and a faux sherpa lined camo hoodie.

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