Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vegan Mofo Day 11/Day 37

Lunch today is garlic bread slices with pepperoni seitan slices, plain yogurt with diced strawberry chunks and a swirl of agave, organic apple juice, and my vampire bat cookie. Sorry for the crappy picture quality, it was 6 am and black outside and my kitchen has shitty lighting. Also no little man pic today  as he was taken to school by his Mimi and after picking him up from his party he he was kinda grubby. We did have pizza tonight from Nightflight. Thin crust, his half black and green olives with FYH mozarella, my half tomato, artichoke heart, banana pepper, garlic. They used to have tempeh bacon which is amazing with the combo, but they haven't had it in months since switching to mock duck (which is good, but I want smokey with my peppers and chokes damn it!) and mock pork. It was a long day. :Looking forward to the weekend.

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