Monday, October 1, 2012

Vegan Mofo Time!

Yes, there is a cut out of the sliced piece, little man wanted a star shaped sammie. I did not make "hole-y" bread :)

Little man was off for the day due to teacher inservice day, so I'm focusing on my food for once. I had a curried chickpea and celery salad on some bing cherry coconut bread that I made last week pre Yom Kippur fast. And the last slice of the ever so yummy peaches and vegan sour cream pie I made to take to our family reunion on Sunday. It was nice drinking cherry vodka limeade with my grandma while I was baking the pie in their camper Saturday night, and little man was looking at some adorable food porn in a new (and sadly not vegan, but purely a source of inspiration) cookbook I got. "Sprinkle bakes" anyway, the broiler in their oven in the camper isn't quite the same as mine at home, ok it's nothing at all like it. I was cooking with propane, but anyway, the demerara sugar generally carmelizes a bit more, but I didn't want the crust to turn from toasted almond to burnt almond, so I let it be. It was still amazing though. As was my sammie. Cherry, coconut, and curry are a match made in heaven. Happy vegan mofo!!!

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