Wednesday, October 17, 2012

VeganMofo Day 17/Day41

Daiya quesadilla with carrot sticks, ginger soy vinagrette dip, and vanilla Whole Soy yogurt with maple brown sugar granola

Rocking a blue tee for his cheer performance tonight!

We were time traveling at the park. He was digging up dino bones.

Roads End Organics mac and chreese with home made challah garlic bread, and green beans

Today was little man's cheer performance! Last day of cheerleading for him this year though. It was soooo cute! All the little ones were super excited to jump around, shout, and shake their pom poms.  I must admit I was never a fan of cheerleaders in highschool, or jr high, or, hell, ever, but I guess I'm over that aversion now :) He was adorable. Lunch was a daiya quesadilla, with carrot sticks and ginger soy vinagrette, vanilla Wholesoy yogurt with maple brown sugar granolla. After his performance we went to the park to play until the sun started setting. There weren't any other kids there at first, so I "had to" play along. We time traveled (by had to I mean I can still fit down the slides, and will gladly play on the equipment when given the chance. I love the days when there are no other kids there.) Then we headed home and I made the dinner of his choice. He chose shells and chreese, with marinated green beans, and garlic bread made from the last of our challah, then he hopped in the tub, got jammies on and we headed over to visit friends. Us to watch American Horror Story, him to play with the animals, and play on his leap pad. It was a good day.

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