Friday, October 12, 2012

VeganMofo Day 12/Day 38 of school

Leftovers for lunch. Considering it's pizza and vegan garlic cheese bread sticks, I don't think he'll mind :)

Mmmm. Challah.

The boy loves his spinach, provided it's in ravioli, or on pizza. Whatever it takes to get greens in him I guess :)

I had to pick up some Daiya wedges while we were at Whole Foods. I went for rosemary and apricot preserves, and left missing $93 :/ Whole foods is a dangerous place for me to go to pick up 2 things.

Shabbat Dinner

He ate 12 raviolis! I was stuffed after 5 and a few slices of challah and daiya. Growth spurt maybe?
Today little man had leftovers for lunch. Left over pizza that is, with strawberries and chocolate soy milk, with his haunted silly house cookie. After I got off work, I braided my challah to let it rise, picked up the boy, and hauled ass to whole foods to pick up the remaining ingredients for the Chopped challenge. I only meant to get rosemary and apricot preserves, and figured I'd pick up daiya while I was out I swear. 3 wedges of daiya, 2 pkgs of tortillas, a pound of gummy bears, a bag of lollipops, a container of vanilla whole soy, 2 lbs of  purple potatoes, tofu spinach florentine ravioli, 2 lbs of brown lentils, a container of mexi-cheddar oat not cheese dip, a box of matzoh, a jumbo jar of vegenaise, and a bag of endangered species chocolate bars later we left with my head hanging down, and my checking account depleted lol. Shabbat dinner was tofu spinach florentine with marinara sauce, frenched green beans, challah (with eb for the boy and a slice of daiya for me) kedeem grape juice for the boy and manischewitz for me. It was a nice evening. And a big day ahead tomorrow. Zombie walk time!!!

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