Friday, August 31, 2012


Made it through 2 weeks already. Lunch today was biscoff and raspberry jam with kettle corn, a lime fruit gel cup with pineapple, and some carrot sticks. Outfit was the pirate shirt with the black and gray plaid shorts.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


9 days down. Many more to go. Today he had a pepperoni sammie again (I like it,but I could not eat it this much personally, but again he is asking for it. I need to make more than 3 logs next time) home made "cheesy" soda crackers, chocolate almond milk, a fruit gel cup, and 2 newman's o's for dessert. Outfit of the day was an cookie shirt, and more gray cargo shorts. Dinner tonight was amazing. We had kentucky fried tofu from the punktorah/ cookbook. AMAZINGNESS! You should checkout and download the e-book/make a donation to the organization. A side of roasted carrots and potatoes and bread with eb. Yummm.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8 days down...

After having my lunch making skills mortally wounded yesterday, I kept it uber simple today. Biscoff and raspberry preserves sammie on sprouted whole grain bread, carrot sticks, chocolate silk soymilk,and  vanilla soy yogurt today for lunch. He wore a batman shirt with gray cargo shorts today, and after school we went to e creamery for some sorbetto yumminess. He had grape and I had lemon, and we blew colored bubbles all the way home.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 7- Who lives in a bento box under the sea? Sponge bob tofu pants

Still has that black eye. Army hats are brutal, but at least we know Apple will be safe should the draft be reinstated XD So as we were driving home last night, little man asks me to do a theme lunch today. Sounds good I tell him. He asks for an under the sea theme. Mind you I didn't get off work until 9:30 pm, and have to be up and ready by 7 to get him up and ready by 8, but I figure, sure, I have Wednesday off, why not try to give him a special lunch. So after I get home and get him tucked in, I remember his panda bento from last year, and the damned sponge bob song gets stuck in my head when I tuck him in because he has a sponge bob comforter. So I decide to go with that. I make a turmeric yellow sponge bob outta tofu and carrots, pickles and fruit leather, a nutella (*eta biscoff, idk what I was thinking,  I haven't had real nutella in probably 10 years maybe I need to buy some hazelnuts and make some Not-tella a la Veganomicon? lol,) and raspberry preserves sammie pineapple with a lemon balm frond, rice colored blue with natural food coloring, and a splash of tamari in the rice for the sand, with raspberry apple sauce and carrot sticks. He did not eat a bite of it. Scratch  that, he took two bites of apple sauce and didn't like it because it wasn't sweet enough. He was pissed because he wanted a "real" under the sea theme with sea weed, and carrot and tofu fish and what not :/ Needless to say I won't stay up until almost 2 watching Hunger Games, drinking Manischewitz and crafting a special lunch for him for a while. He looks fahklempt walking into school in the pic there doesn't he? Gray button front shirt from von maur's with DKNY jeans today. Not our best day this year :(

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 6

 Day 6 lunch today is a pepperoni sammie again on the sprouted whole grain bread from trader joe's, vanilla soy yogurt, frozen strawberry pieces to mix in/dip in the yogurt, and chocolate soy milk. He only ate 2 strawberries, and told me he prefers fresh. So much for that. Maybe I can throw the other cups into a pie or smoothie. Todays outfit was the gray cargos, and his light heathered gray (because he has a few gray ones) angry birds shirt.

Friday, August 24, 2012

day 5

Day 5, one week down, and little man is doing good, aside from that shiner lol. Lunch today was another calzone, watermelon, which we also got from the farmers market last night, chocolate almond milk, yogurt and 2 Newmans own O's.  The outfit was a lime pirate shirt, and the DKNY black and gray plaid shorts. He gives the day, and the week a thumbs up. I should also point out that the cutlery set I purchased from Office Max, in their little dollar section, it has a fork, knife, and spoon, with a cover that slips over it to lock the three together, and is BPA free. The set I spent 10 on last year was missing pieces after a few days, so this was a bargain.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 wrap up. Today little man had the snapping turtle calzone, which he then didn't eat. Not because it was a turtle, mind you, but because when I was making them I said there were veggies (aside from the olives, which are so sodium laden they hardly count in my book) inside. He loves tomato sauce. And paste, he will eat it straight from the can (blech!) if I don't keep a close eye on it while I'm using them. Apparently, he didn't understand that the sauce inside the calzone (I know tomatoes are technically a fruit) contained vegetables. He thought I was throwing stalks of carrots, celery, onions and kale inside. Sad. He did eat it this afternoon though after he realized that. He also had trader joe's vanilla soy yogurt with chocolate chips, a mini chocolate bar, and vanilla silk soy milk. I stocked up on the silk soy and almond milk single serves when they were on sale at Bakers 10/$10 when the coupons were good, and used a lot of coupons on them to get them for about $.47 a piece. And I got a few freebies each time I went because they kept ringing up at the wrong price (bakers will give you one free item of each item that wrings up wrong per day as a fyi). And I had some crazy drama with the cashiers trying to tell me that they were not the items on sale, at least the chocolate almond milk anyway, because the sign on the shelf just said chocolate almond, not dark chocolate almond, and 45 minutes later, after schooling them on vegan milk alternatives, I walked out with about 72 of them and a rain check for more, but I digress, back to day 4... The outfit today was a scooby doo shirt, with camo shorts. I put up two pictures because the first one with the "my nose itches wait" face makes me chuckle a little bit. The peppers were from the farmers market that we went to tonight with Grammie (my grandma). We got yellow pear tomatoes, purple, white, black, green and "tie dye" peppers, kale, lemon thyme, apples, green beans, and garlic onion soy nuts. I love farmers markets, and they're a great way to get the little man to try new things that he picks out.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Day 3 was a chili tortilla with pepperoni again (I am trying to give him other options, because I would have been bored with the pepperoni by now, even as delicious as it is, but he insists that he wants it, and as long as he keeps eatting it, I'm ok with that), chocolate silk almond milk, a gel cup, a small chocolate bar, the outfit for today is an olive green polo, and gray DKNY cargo shorts. Tonight I made snapping turtle pepperoni and green olive calzones (the bottom picture is the prebaked turtle, the little snips in the dough create the pointed shell, and also vent the calzone which sadly wound up over stuffed) for his lunch tomorrow. He is still insisting upon the pepperoni, but I gotta mix it up a little bit. The eyes are diced green olives. School is going good so far! He is making new friends, and seems to be doing good.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Day 2 went as follows, lunch consisted of a chili tortilla with earth balance and pepperoni (per his request of course, he is hooked on it!) sammie, carrots with the soy ginger dressing again, a peach mango fruit gel cup, chocolate almond milk and a you rock note in his batman lunchbox, which matches his batman backpack from Hot Topic which is super cute because it has a batman hood that unzips from the top of the backpack. Sadly the strap is kinda farkakta because it was made out of a cheap nylon taffeta, and instead of sewing the foam and the fabric into the seam, they just sewed the fabric, so guess who's going to be playing seamstress in the near future? None the less he loves it, but for a $35 backpack, with a free poster (which cost us $5 in gas because the store we went to was out of them and we had to go clear across town to another store to pick it up) it should have held up a little longer. I guess we were paying for the hood? lol  Todays outfit consisted of a black eye courtesy of Apple's army hat (Apple is my beloved grandson, a penguin from build-a-bear who wears swim trunks and an army hat) that he fell face first on last night getting out of the car , a army green solar system t-shirt, the belt, gray velcro strap tennis shoes, and black and gray DKNY shorts. I gotta say it was kind of cute the way he clutched Apple close to his chest so that he wouldn't get hurt, and build-a-bear should not use hard plastic brims in the hats for their lovies.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to school

So my computer crashed in the midst of vegan mofo last year, and I didn't get it working right again until sometime in January, and by then it seemed as though most of the year had gone by, so I sadly let it be. But I'm back this year, and trying to keep track of every day again. Lets see how it goes :) Day 1 lunch consisted of organic sliced carrots, with ginger soy vinagrette dressing to dip them in, peach mango fruit gel from trader joe's, silk almond milk, and a home made seitan pepperoni sammie on trader joes sprouted bread,. I found some cute little lunch box notes at Target in the dollar section, which ironically coordinate with his ice pack. They're adorable, and he liked getting a note from me in his lunch. He said it made him smile and reminded him  that I love him. <3 First day of first grade outfit consisted of DKNY t-shirt and jeans, a Shawn White hoodie, and a pyramid spike belt which was sadly not pictured. I'm thinking it's going to be a good year!