Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Day 3 was a chili tortilla with pepperoni again (I am trying to give him other options, because I would have been bored with the pepperoni by now, even as delicious as it is, but he insists that he wants it, and as long as he keeps eatting it, I'm ok with that), chocolate silk almond milk, a gel cup, a small chocolate bar, the outfit for today is an olive green polo, and gray DKNY cargo shorts. Tonight I made snapping turtle pepperoni and green olive calzones (the bottom picture is the prebaked turtle, the little snips in the dough create the pointed shell, and also vent the calzone which sadly wound up over stuffed) for his lunch tomorrow. He is still insisting upon the pepperoni, but I gotta mix it up a little bit. The eyes are diced green olives. School is going good so far! He is making new friends, and seems to be doing good.

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