Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Day 2 went as follows, lunch consisted of a chili tortilla with earth balance and pepperoni (per his request of course, he is hooked on it!) sammie, carrots with the soy ginger dressing again, a peach mango fruit gel cup, chocolate almond milk and a you rock note in his batman lunchbox, which matches his batman backpack from Hot Topic which is super cute because it has a batman hood that unzips from the top of the backpack. Sadly the strap is kinda farkakta because it was made out of a cheap nylon taffeta, and instead of sewing the foam and the fabric into the seam, they just sewed the fabric, so guess who's going to be playing seamstress in the near future? None the less he loves it, but for a $35 backpack, with a free poster (which cost us $5 in gas because the store we went to was out of them and we had to go clear across town to another store to pick it up) it should have held up a little longer. I guess we were paying for the hood? lol  Todays outfit consisted of a black eye courtesy of Apple's army hat (Apple is my beloved grandson, a penguin from build-a-bear who wears swim trunks and an army hat) that he fell face first on last night getting out of the car , a army green solar system t-shirt, the belt, gray velcro strap tennis shoes, and black and gray DKNY shorts. I gotta say it was kind of cute the way he clutched Apple close to his chest so that he wouldn't get hurt, and build-a-bear should not use hard plastic brims in the hats for their lovies.

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