Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 4

Day 4 wrap up. Today little man had the snapping turtle calzone, which he then didn't eat. Not because it was a turtle, mind you, but because when I was making them I said there were veggies (aside from the olives, which are so sodium laden they hardly count in my book) inside. He loves tomato sauce. And paste, he will eat it straight from the can (blech!) if I don't keep a close eye on it while I'm using them. Apparently, he didn't understand that the sauce inside the calzone (I know tomatoes are technically a fruit) contained vegetables. He thought I was throwing stalks of carrots, celery, onions and kale inside. Sad. He did eat it this afternoon though after he realized that. He also had trader joe's vanilla soy yogurt with chocolate chips, a mini chocolate bar, and vanilla silk soy milk. I stocked up on the silk soy and almond milk single serves when they were on sale at Bakers 10/$10 when the coupons were good, and used a lot of coupons on them to get them for about $.47 a piece. And I got a few freebies each time I went because they kept ringing up at the wrong price (bakers will give you one free item of each item that wrings up wrong per day as a fyi). And I had some crazy drama with the cashiers trying to tell me that they were not the items on sale, at least the chocolate almond milk anyway, because the sign on the shelf just said chocolate almond, not dark chocolate almond, and 45 minutes later, after schooling them on vegan milk alternatives, I walked out with about 72 of them and a rain check for more, but I digress, back to day 4... The outfit today was a scooby doo shirt, with camo shorts. I put up two pictures because the first one with the "my nose itches wait" face makes me chuckle a little bit. The peppers were from the farmers market that we went to tonight with Grammie (my grandma). We got yellow pear tomatoes, purple, white, black, green and "tie dye" peppers, kale, lemon thyme, apples, green beans, and garlic onion soy nuts. I love farmers markets, and they're a great way to get the little man to try new things that he picks out.

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