Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 7- Who lives in a bento box under the sea? Sponge bob tofu pants

Still has that black eye. Army hats are brutal, but at least we know Apple will be safe should the draft be reinstated XD So as we were driving home last night, little man asks me to do a theme lunch today. Sounds good I tell him. He asks for an under the sea theme. Mind you I didn't get off work until 9:30 pm, and have to be up and ready by 7 to get him up and ready by 8, but I figure, sure, I have Wednesday off, why not try to give him a special lunch. So after I get home and get him tucked in, I remember his panda bento from last year, and the damned sponge bob song gets stuck in my head when I tuck him in because he has a sponge bob comforter. So I decide to go with that. I make a turmeric yellow sponge bob outta tofu and carrots, pickles and fruit leather, a nutella (*eta biscoff, idk what I was thinking,  I haven't had real nutella in probably 10 years maybe I need to buy some hazelnuts and make some Not-tella a la Veganomicon? lol,) and raspberry preserves sammie pineapple with a lemon balm frond, rice colored blue with natural food coloring, and a splash of tamari in the rice for the sand, with raspberry apple sauce and carrot sticks. He did not eat a bite of it. Scratch  that, he took two bites of apple sauce and didn't like it because it wasn't sweet enough. He was pissed because he wanted a "real" under the sea theme with sea weed, and carrot and tofu fish and what not :/ Needless to say I won't stay up until almost 2 watching Hunger Games, drinking Manischewitz and crafting a special lunch for him for a while. He looks fahklempt walking into school in the pic there doesn't he? Gray button front shirt from von maur's with DKNY jeans today. Not our best day this year :(

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