Wednesday, October 10, 2012

VeganMofo Day10/Day 36

Straw-bana-sun seed sammie on mutt bread

He was waiting for me to measure him, but he has not grown in the last 2 days

Pre-bake basted with bruschetta flavored olive oil and sprinkled with minced garlic

Post bake with the garlic slightly carmelized and oh so fragrant

stuffed acorn squash with frenched green been almond risotto with kidney beans, and some french fried onions on top for a little crunch. I sliced the bread and made a few pieces of garlic bread with it. The garicky-ness was amazing! Vampires beware :)

Little man's portion, he hates french fried onions :/ This makes me sad. I think it was because of that time that he was two and got into a container when I was in the bathroom and ate the whole thing. It gave him baby onion breath for days if I remember correctly.

The artist at work. He wanted to go silly with his cookies instead of creepy

His masterpieces (he got a little carried away with the orange which caused it to run, and so his jack-o-lantern's mouth and part of his haunted house are on the foil instead)

My vampire bat

Today little man had a strawberry-banana-sunflower butter sandwich on the mutt bread. Whole grain pringles and an oreo (I know they are horrible, our local stores are going to force me to drive all the way to whole foods once a week again. The organic/vegan options used to be pretty good. Now they are starting to suck again. And I hate driving to whole foods. The curvy lanes and traffic annoy me, and the employees at whole foods get pissed when you coupon there. Damned pseudo-hipsters. Maybe i should just bake more?) Outfit for today was yellow dkny shirt and jeans. It was a busy day! After cheerleading (yes, my son is a cheerleader) we ate, went to pick up a present for his friend Aiden's birthday party tomorrow, wrapped the present, had him fill out the card, and off to bed. I have to work tomorrow at 7 am drop him off with his Mimi and Grammie, and straight to the party after work. I'm thinking tomorrow is going to be a pizza night.

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