Tuesday, October 9, 2012

VeganMofo Day 9/Day 34/Picture Day

Today is picture day! And doesn't my little man look handsome!  He wore his grey button front long sleeve shirt with pearlized (not real m.o.p., the snaps are vegan) decorative straps and snaps at the shoulders and cuffs, with his DKNY jeans. Lunch today is brown rice/half wheat bread I made last night (it's a mutt loaf because I ran out of flour. How does such a thing happen?!) with some more (I made 4 rolls) seitanic pepperoni, strawberries (his favorite), and whole grain pringles (which I scored for $0.38 at Kmart, yay coupons!) He has apple juice in his batman thermos that he is using for the first time, because I finally ran out of those single serving silks. Sad.. Come on coupon fairy bring us more soymilk q's :) Today is library day. Excited to see what books he brings back, and kinda happy he took the Lorax back, because he almost cries towards the end every time I read it after the last Truffula tree is cut down. His mission for the day is to try something new! I'm excited to hear about what he tried tonight.


  1. I love what you are doing for Vegan MoFo. It is awesome that you are doing your lunches everyday. My goal is to blog everyday but I am not there yet. You have some great ideas. I was wondering, how does your child react to other children's lunches? My daughter was really disturbed by the chicken legs served in the cafeteria last wee.

  2. Thanks! Thankfully, at my son's school, they separate the hot lunch kids from the cold lunch kids, and it hasn't really been an issue for him yet, as most of the kids bring pb and j (or sun flower butter and jelly as the case may be), lunchables (mostly the pizza ones) or cheese roll ups (from observations when I've went to lunch with him).