Saturday, October 13, 2012

VeganMofo Day 13/Zombie Walk

"When ever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like....eatting your brains"
Today was the zombie walk, in which Zombies invade a neighborhood for the greater portion of the day all in the name of good clean, gruesome fun, and charity. Win-win right? There was an 80's theme this year so I was asking the boy how he wanted to dress up, and showing him some fashion styles from the 80's (I thought he was going to go preppy there for a minute, thank God he didn't) and he fell for Robert Smith, and decided to go 80's goth. Phew! Close call there. So we took a Snookie wig from last year that I grabbed by accident when I was looking for a good black wig for my Kali Costume, and chopped it and sprayed/gelled the crap out of it to give him a little dude Robert Smith wig, and he wore his suit jacket that I made for him for Fashion Week last year. I just wore a cute little dress from hot topic, and some lace-y stockings, and ankle booties. The make up was awesome, I wish it had photographed better, but for some reason, the blood had a greenish cast to it in artificial lighting, and with the pic, so it kinda looks like I have poo smeared on my face, but oh well. Look at my emo little guy living up to the character! He was growling at people left and right. What fun! It was an hour long walk so my feet and thighs are killing me (it's hard to walk like a zombie for that long!) but it was so worth it! Sadly only a few people knew who he was, but you should have seen his face light up when they were like "hey it's a little robert smith zombie!" sooo cute XD No food pics today, but we had breakfast tacos with tofu scramble for brunch, lots of chocolate and lollipops, and chinese foods for dinner (fried tofu with string beans and spring rolls).

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