Thursday, October 18, 2012

VeganMofoDay 18/Day 42


Purple potato and red bean tacos
Somehow I missed the outfit pic today. Little man  had leftovers for lunch. He had the remains of the shells and cheese, with carrots and a slice of garlic bread (I love how challah looks like happy little wedges of clouds when you slice it) with an oreo for a snack. Something about the sun setting around 7 is kicking my butt. I picked him up around 5:40 and had to hang out at the school for parent teacher conferences at 6. Conferences went well mostly. The teacher says he hates handwriting, but is doing excellent at everything else. Reading, science (his favorite) and math are all above level. Way to go little man. Dinner tonight was purple potato and red bean tacos. I think I'm going to throw some kale in mine for lunch tomorrow.

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