Saturday, August 31, 2013

3rd day

Little man had a blast in p.e. today! They had races and then a tag/foam noodle fight. Outfit for today was his Bazinga shirt. Standing in front of his Sheldon poster. With his DKNY black and graylaid shorts. 
Lunch today was an airplane pb &j Sammie, carrot fries with ketchup, organic applesauce, cashews, pistachios, and white chocolate chips, and a couple of club crackers, with a vanilla almond milk.
For dinner tonight, we made blue corn, teff and whole wheat pizzas. Mine with jalapeƱo, olive, and onion, his with just olives. And a little daiya provolone as it was the only "cheese" we had in abundance at the time. The sauce was made from fresh Romas from out garden.
Look at that sauce simmering away!
After dinner we went swimming (I can't believe it's the end of August and it was 99 today) and worked on his spelling words, and word scramble homework. A good day overall!

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