Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 2

Little man had Spanish class today. I think it's great to introduce a second language while they're young, and their brains are still little sponges. I also think it's great because his lil satito butt needs to learn Spanish. He had fun today at school. He eagerly explained the rules that they follow, and the consequences at each step when they don't listen. They did a activity to get to know each other like class room bingo, and one with numbers where each number represents something about their home life. (I.e. 0 I have 0 cats. 1 I have 1 pug. 2 I have 2 living sea monkeys. 3 there are 3 people in our house.) it was a cute way to learn about each other. His teacher seems really sweet, and I am relieved that there are no nut restrictions in his class this year. This simplifies the lunch making for me, and gives us tons of different options :) lunch today was sliced pink pearl apples with peanut butter to dip them in, banana slices, peanut butter and jelly tug boats, fish, and whale mini-sammies on Rudi's multigrain oat bread, with carrot waves, fish, and sun. Carrot sticks with ketchup (weird,  I know, but I guess at least he isn't a ranch junkie lol.)  Veggie pirates booty, cashews, and vanilla almond milk. The joke today was "why did the elementary school student get a ladder? So he could go to HIGH school"  The outfit for today was a black and white striped polo shirt that says "grind shred sk8 park" with orange shorts. 

Such silly faces and poses from this guy!
The lunch

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