Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Day 12-TGIW- Today he had a pita bread sammie with the pepperoni again (maybe I should start making other faux meats so at least his lunch sounds more interesting??), a few club crackers, an apple, carrot sticks, and a chocolate almond milk. The outfit today was pure batman (such a fan from someone who hasn't seen the movies). I was going to take him to ecreamery after school, but got a baking urge instead. I made peanut butter blondies from, and added chocolate chips because I wanted a lil chocolate. We each had a slice with some vanilla so delicious coconut milk ice cream for a snack after school. The pic below is from him working on a homework project for math, where I think of a pattern using action words, and do it, then have him point out the pattern, join in, and break down the pattern sequence for me. He had a brilliant idea for a new sequence but because I was supposed to think of it, he ran grabbed a sheet of paper, drew a thought bubble and held it up to my head so that I could claim it. The pic below is of him holding up the thought bubble by his head so that he could re-claim the idea once we finished that portion of his homework. Such a cutie. After that, we went and visited my great grandma in the "retirement community" she is currently in, and took her for a stroll around the building about 12 times, and looked at birds.

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