Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vegan Wednesday :D

Today was a smorgasbord of vegan yumminess. I would feel like a glutton, but there was no breakfast, save for a coffee with a little soy milk, so I'm don't feel so guilty. Lunch was some amazing falafel with curry fries from Amsterdam Cafe (I only wish they'd buy some Vegenaise to serve with the fries) See pic of my girl eatting her falafel. She's not vegan, she's only lacto-ovo, but in light of veggie month, it is my mission to convert her :D After we picked up little man from school, she took us out for Sorbetto from ECreamery. I had the lemon and lil man had the Raspberry, covered in rainbow-y gmo laden breakfast cereal. He enjoyed it though as you can see from the pic. He is not half asleep though, it's just so good that it even makes a little man's eyes roll back in his head :) Dinner for me was curry noodle soup, a vegan egg roll, and some amazing fried tofu with Malaysian yellow curried veggies. Isn't the daikon rose cute?! This loveley feast was from Crystal Jade. Every Wednesday, they give you free curry noodle soup with your dinner, and they give a discount for paying in cash. They are willing to make anything on the menu vegan, and when Aunt Shirley is working, she'll come out and give tutorials on how to make the veggie garnishes. The boy loves her because last time we were there, she "rewarded" him for bring in 8 new customers to date by bringing him a free fried banana. I was skeptical of these too, but she brought 2 kinds (one vegan, one veggie), basically it's part of a banana put in a vegan egg roll wrapper and fried, then drizzled with chocolate sauce or honey. I was always curious what they were and why they were more than the cheesecake on the menu, and now I know :)

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