Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 3 of his life as a Wildcat

Lunch for today is very similar to yesterdays, gonna get in some yummy binge baking for less "boring" lunches. Today he is having late july crackers with tofurky cut outs again (notice the cute hearts?) I thought about going authentic bento for a while there, and then realized that there is a reason Japan is so cute and awesome, between their adorable lunch boxes, amazing food and Lolita fashion, I'm gonna call Japan couture. He also has some carrots with the asian sesame ginger dip again, olives, and 2 little carrot olive people (should have gotten a close up on the detail. 2 were enough to get me off of the I wanna go authentic bento kick lol) There is another archer farms pomegranate fruit strip, a banana, and some Earth's Best Sesame Street Vanilla Smiley snacks.

Today he has his first day of music class. He was super excited for this. When we went to the orientation/open house last week, that was the first class he asked about. We went around the school seeing where everything will be, and as he introduced himself to the art teacher, and had a brief discussion with her about what they will do in there (apparently their art teacher includes stories about artists as well, which is really cool IMHO), he told her he likes to paint, and he really hopes they can use some glitter because he loooovvves glitter. And then he asked where the music room is. The music teacher wasn't there that night, so I'm anxious to see how that goes.

ETA... So he loved music class, and did an awesome worksheet involving the letter and noun I. He drew a picture and wrote a sentence that says "I like to play in the sun" and wrote his name on an index card, and drew/wrote a rainbow "I" on the back. *He liked his day at school, and his backpack is a super cool transformer one, that can hold lots and lots of stuff. It also has a cup holder on the left and right sides for his sigg that he takes filled with water. His school is good, he did his rainbow I out of crayons, and first it was just a plain red I, then he put a little orange, then yellow, the green, then blue, then purple.* (Everything between the stars were his comments for the day.)

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