Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 6

Lunch for the day is home made pizza rolls (no, not those nasty, omni, gmo things, I'm talking about home made goodness inspired by cinnamon rolls), organic strawberries and grapes, vanilla soy yogurt, and some sesame sticks, with a cold chocolate soy milk to wash it all down. The outfit is a turquoise polo, and blue, turquoise, orange and white madras shorts, with black socks supposidly mid-calf, but actually almost knee high socks (his idea, certainly not mine). He has P.E. again today, this may have been the reasoning behind it? lol Will update later with details about his day :)


  1. He's so cute. I wish my mom made cute lunches like this when I was little.

  2. I'd do it now, I pack Kyle's lunch with love <3