Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 4 Art Class

Today is day 4. Art class! Outfit for the day is a grizzly bear shirt, and mesh shorts with blue trim. Lunch was home made vegan runzas (I am very much looking forward to my lunch as well) from the recipe featured on The Post Punk Kitchen's blog. They look and taste (well I can vouch for the filling anyway, I think I ate half of it while I was making them) amazing! Hoping lil man likes them. He swears he has eatten Runzas before, but I know I've never fed them to him, and I'm not altogether certain anyone else has either. He also had some more Earth's Best Organic Vanilla Smiley Snacks, another organic pomegranate fruit strip from Archer Farms, and Late July classic rich round crackers, organic manzanilla olives and organic baby carrots. I filled his little dip cup up OrganicVilleFarms ketchup. We really enjoy their ketchup which is not only certified vegan, but agave sweetened. It has a subtly sweet taste and a nice thick texture that lends itself well to being converted into Vegenaise based mayo-ketchup, and the sweetness should mix well with the runzas. I only had sweet bavarian style kraut (honestly not sure if there are other styles of kraut, as I had never eatten it before last night), so it'll be a tangy sweet and sour type mix. More to come about his day later :)

ETA...He loved art, apparently, they all got to pic something to draw, and he opted for polka dots, and then everyone saw his polka dots and drew them too, except for one boy, who didn't because he wasn't listening (he says as he points to his ears and says TING). Recess was fun, and he is getting less scared to go on the equipment. The word for the day (which they do on index cards and then write it in a rainbow, I guess for kids it takes 6 times of repeating to form a habit?) was can. And the story was about about a boy who wanted a pet stegosaurus, but the mom told him he couldn't have one because they're extinct. And then he asked me if I know what extinct means :) He didn't eat the runza (didn't think he would) but he claims it's because he couldn't get it out of the bento :/ so I showed him that he can take that little compartment out, and he pretended to be amazed and promises to eat one tomorrow. Hmmm.

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