Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 2 of lil man's new grown up life

Missed the pictures today, but the photo was from when he tried on his clothes. He wore the cute punky mohawk smiley shirt with black, light blue and white madras plaid shorts. Lunch was Late July crackers, Tofurky cubed to use on them, an apple, baby carrots (all organic of course) with tahini tamari dip, Archer farms organic pomegranate fruit strip, and a roll of smarties, and a chocolate Silk soymilk. Over all success? He drank all of the milk (who shuns chocolate milk?), a few carrots, and a few crackers. I think I sent way too many crackers. I filled up one of the little bento containers from his LapBox Lunch box. I think his biggest problem right now is not that he doesn't like the food, but that he is 1) a slow eater, and 2) a social eater. He needs to work on less talk, more chew, but I figure after a week of being still hungry, he'll catch on ;)

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