Sunday, September 7, 2014

Croissanwiches and carrot bacon.

I remember reading about carrot bacon a few months back. I was on a dehydrator/raw foods kick at the moment, and always meant to make it, but never quite got around to it. Until yesterday. I was working on croissants throughout the day (there's a lot of roll, flip, refrigerate repeat with them), and had planned on making seitan bacon, when I remembered the carrot bacon. All the recipes I found fried it, which is nice, and delicious, and greasy, and messy, and not especially healthy,a dn we are in desperate need of a grocery haul, and are running low on oil after all the fried foods, and bread I made a few weeks back. So I decided to break out the dehydrator and use it on half of them. Soooo glad I did! I prefer the dehydrated version to the fried. It's quite easy to make them. Wash and peel the carrots, then using your peeler, peel them into thin slices.
Then marinate the stips in 1/4 cup of tamari, a few squirts of liquid smoke and 4 tbsp of maple syrup. Then put in your dehydrator for  about 2-3 hous (I have one of the cheap round ones from Amazon, no clue how long it would take in an Excalibur), keep an eye on them and check every 15 minutes or so until they reach the desired crispness. Or fry them instead (they will burn fast, so flip after about 40 seconds and pull them out of the pan in another 30 or so seconds. 
These were some of the dehydrated ones.

We made breakfast sandwiches like the croissanwiches at B.K. which I missed eatting. I don't think I've had a real one in about 9 or 10 years. They were tasty though. So we made half of our croissanwiches with bacon, and half with sausage, topped with a mini vegan fried egg from Betty Goes Vegan, and some cheddar daiya. 


  1. what a culinary undertaking! puff pastry from scratch and special dehydrated carrot bacon! and crossainwiches! I am super impressed. Those little crossainwiches look so mighty fine. I love the idea of carrot bacon. I have in mind to get a dehydrator, but they take up so much space, and we don't have much. every time I see another cool thing I could make with a dehydrator though, I get a little closer to breaking down and buying one!

  2. We've seen aubergine bacon, so why not carrot bacon - good idea. I would just eat them like crisps though. Yum.