Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 8 of school/day 7 of veganMofo

Our new item for the day is actually a review of a new addition to the monkey butt's lunch box. About a month ago, as we were waltzing through the aisles of Whole Foods (and I do mean waltzing, because who isn't happy in Whole Foods? I love finding new vegan things, and trying new fruits and veggies) we saw the cute little end cap reminding us that it was almost time for the new school year, and featuring all the fancy schmancy new lunch accoutrements. We saw Packit freezable lunch bags ( got one of those too, and both of us live it! No more digging for ice packs in the freezer anymore!) and Juice In The Box reuseable  juice box. The juice in the box is pretty much just a plastic juice box that you fill with whatever you like, then wash it and use it again. The boy loves his! I love that it's easy to clean, and I don't have to feel bad for wasting resources with aseptic soy milk or juice boxes. 

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