Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day 3 of school/day 2 of VeganMoFo continued...

So the sandwich at lunch was not quite a success. He said it still tasted kind of bitter. I need to pick up some sun nut butter next time we go to the store, as a nice back up for busy (or lazy) mornings. The boy had a good day at school though. It was a P.E. and music day, but he said they didn't do much in either. They did graph charts in math to help learn more about each other. He likes doing charts. Has since kindergarten when he gave himself extra credit math/science homework over winter break using a hot wheels trak that attached to the wall. He made a chart and took it back to school with him to tell his class/show his teacher that he was still learning even when he wasn't at school. I love him. He's such a smart boy, and a good kid. 

Back to new things... 

I had never eaten a turnip prior to this evening. I think that must lower me to like a level 6 vegan, but I admit it. In fact I was talking about our gardens to one of my employees a week or 2 ago, and she (being the sweet woman that she is) brought me 3 giant turnips and two huge acorn squash from her garden! I was enamored with the lavendar and white skin. And when I peeled it, there was a sharp, horseradish like smell that drew me further in. I read that it is supposed to be delicious boiled and then mashed with potatoes and carrots, milk, garlic and butter, so I used some unsweetened soymilk, and e.b. instead and gave it a whirl. The gorgeously colored mash looked lovely on it's own, like a snow covered volcano with a crater full of buttery lava, but I was leery of the taste and smell not matching up (and fairly certain that no one else would like them with out some outside help), I made what anyone who made a crap ton of garbanzo beans earlier in the day would make.... Punk rock chickpea gravy from Vegan With A Vengence. So we had chicky seitan from Isa Does It ( the boy is hooked on it and I can't say I blame him, or have run out of ways to prepare it yet), the mash, marbled banana bread, and some fresh sliced tomatoes from the garden. I loved everything but the mash sadly. Looking for different ways to try the turnips to see if I like them. It took  a dozen different recipes to find away I like beets. Found a chickpea and turnip curry that looks promising. Anyone have any turnip recipes to share? After dinner we headed to the park with the boy and the pug in tow. The boy and I enjoyed a nice round of hide and seek tag. It was a nice day off :) looking forward to trying something else new tomorrow, and checking out all the other blogs. Happy MoFo everyone!

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