Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vegan mofo time!

A new school year brings with it a new vegan month of food! After a long conversation with the boy, we decided that all the "newness" should carry over into the blogging. We decided to go with new foods. To start the boy off gently, I made him lunch. His class is peanut free (the teacher is checking on any other possible allergens) and I'm really hoping cashews, sesame seeds, and almonds will be ok, or else I'm going to have to get very creative this year. He had chicky seitan sammies last week from "Isa Does It", and I may have accidentally finished off the seitan yesterday with my salad. So this morning I panicked, not sure what to make him. I remembered getting a vanilla almond tahini butter in one of my conscious boxes, and mixed up some tahini with bee free honee. Took a taste and it was delicious! It really thickened up the tahini nicely, and gave it a nice fresh nut butter texture. The boy has never had tahini on it's own, so it's definitely new to him! Topped that with some grape preserves on sourdough, some carrot fries (they're not just for cuteness, the grooves make dipping them in vinaigrette and ketchup, yes he likes ketchup on his carrot sticks, work better, as the sauce puddles up in the grooves.), a mixed baby greens salad with smoky tomato vinaigrette from Annie's Naturals, buffalo wheat thins, Silk chocolate soymilk, and 2 Biscoff for dessert. 

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  1. Looks like a great lunch to me! Certainly MUCH better than whatever it was I had today. Jealous!